Where I'm Published

When I grow up, I want to be a writer. This is where I'll share my dream coming true...one publication at a time. 

Where I've Been Published

Short Stories

"A Shame About Mrs. James' New Colonial Blue Carpet," Southern Gothic Online (sadly no longer exists), 2006

"The Beauty of a Sno-Cone Stand," West Georgia Living, Fall 2010

"One Mississippi," Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, Summer 2011


"Silverfish," Voices, 2011

Freelance Articles

"Words Do Hurt Me: The Very Real Pain Cause By Cyberbullying and What Parents Can Do About It," West Georgia Living, December/January 2011-2012 

"From Toddlers to Teens: How to Get Your Family Moving," West Georgia Living, February/March 2012


The Haralson County Gateway-Beacon, published weekly on Opinion and Comment Page since May 2010

If you're interested in hiring me for freelance work, email me at katieross83@gmail.com
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