Thursday, February 17, 2011

The All Good Things Must Come to an End Rule

In regards to e-mealz, I seem to have reached a bit of a turning point. Turning points I'm familiar with, because I've always had the tendency to get bored with things after a certain amount of time. Some might call me fickle, others may say I just lack focus, but regardless, I have had this trait ever since I was a child.

My parents were first made aware of my not-sticking-to-it-ness at a relatively young age. First were swimming lessons, which lasted for one lesson exactly. Then, I took up baton twirling, again a one lesson endeavor. By second or third grade, my attention span began to grow ever-so-slightly, and I took up dance, which I may have maintained for about a year, but it was a sporadic kind of year with skipped dancing lessons throughout.

An obvious dance prodigy. What form! What style!

But alas, dancing was not in my future, so my search for the perfect hobby/occupation continued. In middle school, I finally discovered an extracurricular activity that I actually enjoyed: horseback riding. Now horses I loved, so it wasn't hard to stick with them. I've since learned that anything I truly love (horses, cats, Jeremy, my family, writing, Johnny Depp) I commit to wholeheartedly. This was a huge relief to me, especially after first meeting Jeremy and having initial fears that I would get bored with him and just decide to quit. No, it turns out I'm at least decent enough to maintain a good relationship. Thankfully, I'm not quite that flightly. Something else I stuck with? School. I managed to finish high school and college with good grades. I've also managed to maintain a job since graduating college. Maybe not the same job, but a job's a job. So I'm not a quitter, and I never will be, but make no mistake: I don't waste my time with things that bore me, like baton twirling and dance; life's much too short.

Back to e-mealz, I haven't decided whether or not I truly love e-mealz or not, but I sense its days may be numbered. E-mealz seems to have temporarily fallen into my fickle category. I still enjoy the e-mealz menu, and I really love the convenience of the shopping list, but for weeks like this last week, it just doesn't really fit into the equation.

Tuesday night my parent's invited us over for some rockin' shrimp and grits. Wednesday Jeremy got his broken molar pulled, and I went to a basketball game after work, so dinner was more or less a moot point. And tonight, I prepared cream of chicken soup for Jeremy and had a leftover calzone from lunch for myself. That's three e-mealz that we've skipped. Not that we can't use them another time...but the trouble is that usually when I start skipping things I eventually skip out on them entirely. Take my short dance career for example. Or every diet I've ever been on. Or any exercise I've ever done. No matter how excited and enthusiastic I am about something at first, I tend to get bored or skip a few whatevers and eventually just quit doing it. Sad, I know.

Honestly, I don't know yet if e-mealz is going to be a lasting thing in my life, but I've come to realize that if something is meant to be it will be. Tonight, orange-glazed fish is on the menu; we'll wait and see what tomorrow might bring.

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