Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Blog Guidebook

As I sit waiting for my nephew to wake from his nap (which has been close to three-hours long now...I guarantee you if we ever have kids they won't take three-hour long naps), I've been working on Chicken Noodle Gravy again. I'm super-inspired lately to make this a great outlet for my writing, and for it to do its job, it needs to look great, too. I'm not quite all the way there yet; I have a feeling this will be a work in progress for sure, but I'm definitely making some significant strides in the, right direction. 

The biggest change for today has been a new banner and a button addition, and neither of these would have been possible without the fabulous help of The Blog Guidebook.

Great advice, tutorials, resources, and giveaways!
Seriously, if you have a blog, visit this website. Heck, even if you don't have a blog, visit this website. The Blog Guidgebook is a "blog about blogs," and it's the kind of blog Chicken Noodle Gravy aspires to be. Everything from the look of the site to the actual content scream "professional" and "creative." It's absolutely lovely. AND it has a blog directory, which I plan to definitely apply to. 

 Anyway, I hear someone waking up, so back to babysitting. "Bee" back later!



  1. Let me know if you ever need help :) I'm constantly changing things up around my blog :)

  2. Thanks so much! I just visited your blog, and it's quite beautiful...I just might take you up on that :)


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