Monday, March 28, 2011

Melodrama Mondays - The Sniffles

Disclaimer: This is a very snotty post, and I don't mean in the high-falutin rich person way.

Not all Mondays are bad. It would be foolish and cynical of me to pretend otherwise, and while I am both foolish and cynical, today was a not-so-bad day, even if it was a Monday and even with all the snot.
I may have mentioned that over the weekend I came down with a bit of a cold. Not a bad cold, just a cold. Sure, I had a trail of tissues all over the house marking where I'd been, but still no big deal. No big deal until I had to sit at the front desk at work and somehow keep my snotty, reddened, draining relentlessly runny nose to myself. Student after student came in. I would sniffle, snort, casually wipe it with a finger anything to keep the student from seeing that my nose had turned into a faucet for snot. Gross much? Yes, believe me, I grossed myself out plenty today.

There's really no subtle way to have a cold. The red-nose and the scraps of tissue in your pockets and desk drawers give you away pretty quickly to your co-workers. Not to mention the fact that you suddenly sound like a fourteen-year old boy with a retainer. With a cold, I swear I sound just like Urkel. Did I do that? I really, really wanted (and tried) to hide my affliction, because right now I know I'm just one of millions with sinus/allergy problems. Hell, the entire state of Georgia is yellow with pollen. But I didn't do a very good job. Co-worker after co-worked asked, "Do you have a cold, Katie?" What gave me away? The snot dripping from my nose or my sexy voice?


I'm sure everyone (co-workers and students included) would cringe every time I had to hand them something. Oh, great, snot girl just got her germs all over me. Woohoo! But it wasn't the kind of stay-at-home-from-work cold, and I couldn't really justify not going in for vanity sake. I can just see explaining to my boss that the reason I was out was that I didn't want to drip snot on anyone. Yeah, right. So, I bravely faced the day with wadded up tissue in hand! Tonight, I'm beginning to feel better, but there's still a pile of tissues on the seat beside me. I fear that tomorrow may be another snotty day...

In other news, I'm toying with idea of having a Featured Blog day at Chicken Noodle Gravy. I would create a questionnaire for bloggers to answer that relates to all things food. I kind of think it would be fun to find out what everyone loves to eat and what their region of the world considers a specialty. And of course, that person's blog would be featured as well with a write-up describing its flavor. I could create a button for people to use and everything. If I can fully flesh out the idea, look for a featured blog day to be popping up soon. And I may call on some of you to participate!

Happy Monday! 


  1. That is one thing I do NOT miss about Georgia - the doggone POLLEN!!! I still have allergy issues here - but I used to get sinus infections several times a year there. I haven't had one since I've been here! That's 5 years now! {knock on wood} I hope you start feeling better - get lots of rest! Sudafed is a wonderful thing for those snotty sinus noses.

    I think the feature would be a GREAT idea! I have wanted to do a feature but I have no idea what I'd do it on. Maybe I should do random southern guest bloggers ;)

    Have a good night!!!

  2. Aww, I hope you feel better, Katie! Having a Spring cold is the worst!

    I think your questionnaire and guest blog is a great idea!

  3. Hope you feel better! I've had some wicked allergies already, as the huge heaps of snow melt. I'm just dreading when I catch something from one of the kids at work...

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  5. Aww poor thing! Headcolds are the worst :(

    Hope you're feeling better soon, and your feature idea sounds fab! *hearts;

  6. ♥ even! Haha! xx

  7. Your blog is great Katie! Sorry about your cold. We've been sick allllllllll winter. Thanks for checking out my3littlebirds.

  8. feel better!! i also came down with a bit of a "thing" on saturday but i doused myself with nyquil and all better!! :)

    hope today wasn't as snotty!! :)

  9. Do you have an industrial drum of hand sanitizer near your desk? The kind with a keg pump? The Mr. gets galleries and they don't look fun. I hope you are snot free soon.

    Great idea about the feature blogger type thing. It would be interesting to see what different parts of the country eat and how they a relate to food.

  10. Thanks, y'all! I am feeling much better today. That is until I read through this post and realized how many typos I had. Guess my cough syrup was a little more effective than I thought.

    I'll be posting the first CNG feature post, which I'm calling The Dish, on Friday. And I'll probably be contacting many of you with my little questionnaire for future posts soon. So if you get an email from some random Katie, it's just me.

  11. Katie, Hope you get to feeling better soon - but you probably won't until the pollen count goes down. I'm coughing and gagging too - every year I get bronchitis. Last year I had it twice and the last time, around Thanksgiving, it finally turned into Pneumonia. So be careful and take care of yourself.


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