Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Biscuit Chronicles: Attempt 4 aka Biscuit Fail

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. And yesterday morning was as good a morning for it than any. I buckled under the tremendous pressure of the biscuit. I buckled, and I pulled out the Bisquick. Yes, sad but true. Bisquick's the go-to, get 'er done baking mix for complicated things like pancakes and dumplings, and I have used it several times before for making biscuits. I'd throw some milk in with the mix and shazam! Instant biscuit. But this was all before I changed my ways...long before the biscuit chronicles and back in the Age of the Canned Biscuit.

The title says it all. Literally.
But the saddest thing about this, Attempt 4 of the Biscuit Chronicles, was the fact that I couldn't even seem to make Bisquick biscuit right. I read on the box that I was supposed to roll out the dough to a 1/2 inch thick, and to me a 1/2 inch is apparently more like a 1/4 inch....and the resulting biscuit was very hard and flat. But hey, with cooking there are successes and failures and cop-outs. And this was definitely those last two. 

In other news, I had a pretty nice Saturday. Mama, me, and my husband went shopping for an upcoming trip to the North Georgia mountains next weekend. We stocked up on all of the "essentials," which mainly consisted of food; we're food-centric people. After the shopping expedition, we came back to my house where I prepared Baked Ziti for dinner. It's really rare that I get to cook for Mama (she usually does the cooking for get-togethers and such), and it was a nice treat to cook her dinner...a little payback I'd say for all the years she's spent cooking for me. And the best part? She seemed to enjoy the meal. I guess all daughters seek approval and validation from their mothers, but her enjoyment of the meal felt especially wonderful considering what a great cook she is. Every "yum" and "Katie, this is really good" was a feather in my cooking cap...definitely needed after the Bisquick Fail from the morning. 

Baked Ziti in my new Rachel Ray cookware. Can I get a "yum-o"?
It occurs to me that I'm always looking to my mother for reassurance and praise, and she's usually there to give it to me along with a hug and a "Go get 'em!", or otherwise to say something like, "Katie, don't you need to wax your eyebrows?! There's supposed to be two of them." Which is also very helpful. As much as we might fight against it growing up, most girls (women) eventually aspire to be their mothers. We aspire to be strong and loving and unselfish and kind. I hope that one day I'm even half the mother mine is, even if I am one who makes biscuits out of a box or a can every now and then. Heck, even Mama did it, too. 

What about you guys? Any pearls of wisdom you can share that your mothers used to share with you? Or the better question may be, have you become your mother?

PS - Can't leave my Daddy out. I'm a Daddy's girl to the bone. I was lucky to be blessed with two awesome parents.

PPS - Just in case you were wondering, a picture of the Bisquick Fail:

The one in the back corner is the giant biscuit from Hell. It tried to eat all the smaller biscuits. I saved them.


  1. I tried making bisuits with my kids at school and had a major fail!!! I ended up making some kind of rock bun/biscuit hybrid. I then burnt some and they all joined together. The kids loved them but I sense that was to do with the amount of sugar I had put in with various other ingredients trying to make the mixture correct.
    The continuation for perfect biscuits live on!

    Just stopping by from FTLOB!

  2. lol...the biscuit from hell!

    I think it's awesome that you got to make dinner for your mom. My mom was the cook in my family and I don't think I ever got to make dinner for her. :) My advice, write down any of your fav. dishes that your mom makes, I wish I would have done that while my mom was around. :)

    Also, I love that visit my blog...just so you know. :) And, have fun camping! Bring back lots of pics!!!

  3. You're a lucky girl, to have such a fantastic relationship with your Mama. I love hearing about these supportive, loving connections between women and their mothers. The unselfish things? Yeah, wouldn't know about that...the upside to my situation? The essays/memoir I'm penning :)
    P.s. Love the Rachel Ray cookware, but that ziti looks YUM-O!

  4. How fortunate you are to have a good relationship with your Mother,. My mum and I are very close but my daughter and I struggle. Hugs
    P.S. Yum-o! and big giveaway at Katherines corner starting today hope you'll stop by.

  5. I find it amusing as heck that you can make all those yummy homemade biscuits with great results. Yet this doesn't work for you. *howling*
    My mom and I talk every day. I adore her to the moon and back again. The woman is showing off cards I make and send her and putting them on the fridge. How can I not love that?

  6. hahahahaha! I'm glad you saved the little biscuits from the giant monster biscuit... I was worried... LMAO!

    My mother is what I call a "Debbie Downer" these days. She and my father separated about 2 years ago - her pearls of wisdom go something like this: "I never raised my children to be like this..." & "look what we've all become!"

    What? I'm happy... The therapist can't quite cure the mother... oh well...

  7. That ziti looks delicious and that bakeware from Rachel Ray is totally adorable. As soon as I saw that picture I was all "Want that DISH!" I won't be able to sleep now...

  8. Ahh...Bisquick. Also known as the staple item of at least half of the meals I prepared during my first year of marriage (the other half were in the crock pot). I've got nothin but love for that big yellow box : )

  9. What a shame that they didn't turn out right :( But it just goes to show that fresh is a gazillion times better! :)

    How sweet that you cooked for your Mum, and that you have such a great relationship ♥

    Mum & I share a love of cooking that my sisters just don't understand. One of us will call the other one up and we'll spend about half an hour talking about what we had for dinner last night, what we're cooking tonight, what recipes we saw, what kitchenware we want to buy next...etcetera! :) xx

  10. haha! Biscuit from hell...LOL! How do you like that Rachel Ray cookware? I think it's really pretty. And your dish inside looks yummmmmmm!!!

  11. Hehe. I'm terrible at biscuits too. You're not alone!

    Simply Kate

  12. I'm obsessed with biscuits. OB. SESSED. I make them every Sunday, without fail. I've perfected a biscuit recipe (from scratch, no less!).. Here's a link! I'd love for you to take a crack at it!


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