Saturday, May 21, 2011

Captchouli Round Three

Welcome to Round Three of Captchouli! Lots of great entries again for this week, and the Round Two winner was certainly hard to choose. We'd like to thank everyone again for their participation and fabulous entries. Now, on to the brilliance. Don't forget to visit these awesome blogs and give them some love for their awesome entries. The Round Two word was Scolla, and here's what our readers came up with: 

Definition: Scolla or S-colla noun pronounced [ES-colla'] - contraction of the letter "S" and the word colla' (you know, the thing that dogs wear around their necks?  Collas?) wherein "S" signifies the word "sparkly"
Sentence: “Hey, did you see Joey's new S-colla?  He got it at Hot Topic.  He is so sick.  Swoon!”

Definition:  A fictional place for bloggers with writers block.
Sentence 1:  Nina’s mind was blank. Her daily tasks too mundane; her thoughts uninspired.   She had entered the dreaded Scolla.
Sentence 2:  Q:Nina, where is your post today? A: Eh, I’m in Scolla land.

3. Melody Mae of Melody-Mae

Definition: The word; scolla comes from the New York City Urban Vocabulary
meaning;1.  to be a person who has a higher education, 2.  a person holding a scholar
a. wow man, he is a pretty smart scolla
b. yeah, my kid received a nice scolla last night at graduation

4. Sarita from The Lone Tater

Defintion 1: (skol-ah): n. a person well versed in the ways of the 'hood.
Sentence 1: "Playah, you schooled him!  You showed him who was boss!  You are a scolla!" 
Definition 2:  someone from the streets who made it good and went to college and got a degree.
Sentence 2:  "Girl, I can't believe that you used to be out here with us!  Now you is a scolla!"

Drum roll, please. And our winner this week is:

5. Rachael of Non-Domestic Mama
Definition: Scolla  skoh-luh - A carbonated beverage believed to render the consumer more intellectual.  The advertising slogan was "Be a Scolla scholar."  It was mainly marketed to high school dropouts and enjoyed very limited success.  The same marketing campaign is believed to be the main cause of the product's inevitable failure, considering it's targeted consumers tended to lack the funds necessary to purchase the product.  
Sentence: Drink a Scolla before you play Captchouli.

Rachael's definition made us thirsty. It sounds like it could definitely be a real drink, and it sure would do a lot of us some good! Congratulations, Rachael, on a creative and fun entry!

And now for ROUND THREE!

Here's the dill, pickle:
1. We give you an honest-to-Blog CAPTCHA "word" that we were forced to submit in order to leave a blog comment.
2. You define the word AND use it in a sentence, and EMAIL it, along with the name/link of your blog and HTML code for your button, to Katie at:
* Definitions left in the comments of either blog will be discarded*
3. We'll decide on a winning definition and post the winning response on both blogs next Saturday, along with next week's contest. In case multiple entries have the same definition, all who submit the definition will be awarded winners.
4. The winner will have his or her button posted on the sidebars of both Chicken Noodle Gravy and My 3 Little Birds for the following week. And this is big, because we both have, like, tens of followers.
5. The contest is open until 12:00 pm EST next Friday. Entries received after that time will be discarded.
We'll love you even more than we love bad songs from the 90s that remind one of us of fraternity parties if you'll grab a Captchouli button from down below!
So without further ado, your Captchouli Word of the Week is:



  1. Katie, I love the new look!! You did a wonderful job. The colors are amazing. You go girl!
    Fun answers. Congratulations to Non-Domestic Momma. What a great answer.

  2. Me too, Nina :)

    Yay Raaaaaaaachael!!!!!!! :D

  3. I agree with ArtsyNina. Where my Scolla? I could really use one of those!! Love the definitions!

  4. Thanks! I must say my dirty dishes look just lovely with your beautiful new blog design! ;)

    I am wishing I had stocked up on some Scolla myself before the company folded. Should have seen it coming . . . (Perhaps they should have tried drinking their own product before they launched that campaign?)


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