Saturday, June 4, 2011

Captchouli Round Five

Happy Saturday, Captcha Haters!

How fast is this year flying by!? We're already in June! Can you guys believe it? Yes, scientific studies have proven that a nice game of Captchouli does pass the time rather quickly, but we had no idea it would be so effective.

So remember, even though you're having tons of fun playing Captchouli, be sure to take the time to stop and smell the...sweaty people around you...cuz it's HOT out there, peeps!

And you know what else is hot? Our entries for Round Four.

This week's word was Horkieish, and Mary Lauren actually discovered its true definition here. Yeah, its not exactly the same word, but it's enough of a coincidence (she was just shopping and saw this!) for us to share it with you. Obviously, a sign from above that Captchouli needs to be continued and enjoyed.

Onto the entries! As always, pay these ladies some love and visit their amazing blogs. Thanks for your submissions, ladies!

1) Rachael at Non-Domestic Mama

Horkieish hork-eesh
People native to the town of Horcia. The language spoken by those people. Also refers to the native cuisine. The Horkieish people gained notoriety when one of their residents invented a popular beverage now known as Scolla.

Sentence: Are there any good Horkieish restaurants in the area? I've been craving a good Wizorn sandwich.

2) Sharon at Mama's Turn Now

Horkieish pronounced HOR-KEE-ISH is a slang adjective usually used by twenty something year old men in a night club to describe the face of a somewhat unattractive female whom in there opinion resembles something horse and or donkey like.

1.) Did you see that girl? She was horkieish man!
2.) After a few drinks it don't matter. I would go home with even a horkieish chick!

3) Diane of Betty Shmetty

With the help of my brilliant and beatiful niece Kylee Daitz, here is BettyShmetty's entry for captchouli round 4...

Horkieish: [whore-quiche] - noun, pl - ieishes.
1. A promiscuous pastry;
In the deep and incredibly proper south of Savannah, Georgia, the Good Shepard Bakery is constantly buzzing with the black and white cookies gossip about the local horkieish's latest scandals. (to be read with a Southern Belle's drawl) "Have ya'll heard what that lil' horkieish has done this time? She's done got herself mixed up with the bread puddin' and now she's got herself aNOTHER lil' custard. It's just shaaameful!

4) Kelli at Narragansett No. 7

HORK - noun
Definition: Puke
Horked - Horking - Horkieish
Examples: I don't know, man...maybe I shouldn't have done so many Jager Bombs. I feel horkieish.
Dude, I totally horked. Did you see that drunk girl horking in the bushes?
Horkieish - the state in which one feels nauseous. Provenance of the word "Hork" has been disputed for some time among lingquists with some maintaining that the termHork originated with Jeff Spicoli (played by Sean Penn) in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Others claim that the term arose in the mid-90's after being used by Keanu Reeves then later edited from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
And this week's winner is:

5) Ixy at Illusion

Horkieish (HOR-kee-ish): Super fugly and gross. Adjective used to describe someone or something that made you throw up in your mouth just a little.

"Argh! Look at that fat hairy guy in the mankini! What a horkieish bathing suit."
"My mother made a seriously horkieish dessert yesterday - zucchini and blueberry trifle."
"I don't understand why I attract such horkieish guys; I'm a total loser magnet."
Ixy's sentences cracked us up; what can we say? Her entry includes the word "mankini"; how could it not win? Although as usual, every entry had us laughing, whether it included pastries, the people of Horcia, "somewhat unattractive females" (ha!), or puke. Congrats, Ixy!!! And thanks again to everyone who entered.


And now for ROUND FIVE!

Here's how we play:
1. We give you an honest-to-Blog CAPTCHA "word" that we were forced to submit in order to leave a blog comment.
2. You define the word AND use it in a sentence, and EMAIL it, along with the name/link of your blog and HTML code for your button, to Katie at:
* Definitions left in the comments of either blog will be discarded*
3. We'll decide on a winning definition and post the winning response on both blogs next Saturday, along with next week's contest. In case multiple entries have the same definition, all who submit the definition will be awarded winners.
4. The winner will have his or her button posted on the sidebars of both Chicken Noodle Gravy and My 3 Little Birds for the following week. And this is big, because we both have, like, tens of followers.
5. The contest is open until 12:00 pm EST next Friday. Entries received after that time will be discarded.

We'll be your best friends if you'll grab a Captchouli button from down below!
This week's Captcha find comes to us thanks to a reader of Chicken Noodle Gravy. It's a two word phrase this time, for double the fun!
So without further ado, your Captchouli Words of the Week are:

Publicum Ojking


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