Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captchouli Round Seven

Welcome back, Captchouli friends!!! Did you miss us? We decided to take a break last week, but we're back this week with our Round Six winner and Round Seven's word. We think we've picked a hard one for y'all, so be prepared to put your thinking caps on.

Round Six's word FULUNK gave us three exemplary Captchouli definitions. Three entries that were so good, we had a hard time narrowing it down to a winner. But before we announce this week's winner, let's take a look at the competition:

1) Jessica at Where is My Instruction Manual?

Pronunciation: fuh-lunk (long emphasis on the first syllable)
Etymology: familiar Southern American English slang
Part of Speech: transitive or intransitive verb
Definition: to fail miserably, especially due to lack of effort
Context: "Ma'am, I hate to be the one to tell you this, bless little Jimmy's heart, but he only turned in one assignment all semester. He's not just going to flunk 11th grade; he's going to fulunk."

2) Sweat Alot from Do Sweat the Small Stuff

a. verb.
to fail terribly, causing some jerk to wiggle his/her pointer finger right-and-left in slow-motion style.
"Tsk tsk tsk... lookie lookie here... ha! You've so FULUNKed this captchouli, man!"
b. noun.
idiot, loser of the highest degree.
"He did what?!? Jeez, what a FULUNK."

a badly misspelled name of Chinese origin.
"Hello? May I take your message? I'm sorry, could you repeat your name again, please? Hello??? Mr... what was that again? Ah, I see. Mr. FU LUN K."

How my daughter would have spelled the verb flunk (she's 6 years old by the way) based on the phonics method.
Me: Miss Chatterbox, how do you write 'flunk'?
Ms. Chatterbox: uh...
Me: Feh... feh... (Ms. Chatterbox wrote 'FU')
Luh... luh... (Ms. Chatterbox wrote 'LU')
Ungk... ungk... (Ms. Chatterbox wrote 'NK')

3) Ms. Ixy at Illusion

Fulunk (Fu-LUNK) – a moment of jaw-dropping stupidity; a huge mistake. Google “the Darwin Awards” for real-life examples.
“Darren told the CEO our strategic plan was short-sighted and ineffective. Guess we won’t be seeing him on Monday after a fulunk like that.”
“Did you see Stacy’s hair? She tried to dye it platinum blonde at home and some of it fell out. You’d think a former hairstylist would know better than to make such a fulunk!”
“Well, I guess I’m on academic probation now. I didn’t realize the exam paper was double-sided – this is my worst fulunk yet.”

Guys, it was so hard to decide on a winner this time. They were all so funny, and so similar! But in the end we had to award Jessica the winner of round six. Can't you just hear Miss Paula Deen in the role of that teacher? Bless sweet Jimmy's heart!

Congratulations Jessica!

And now for ROUND Seven!

Here's how we play:
1. We give you an honest-to-Blog CAPTCHA "word" that we were forced to submit in order to leave a blog comment.
2. You define the word AND use it in a sentence, and EMAIL it, along with the name/link of your blog and HTML code for your button, to Katie at:
* Definitions left in the comments of either blog will be discarded*
3. We'll decide on a winning definition and post the winning response on both blogs next Saturday, along with next week's contest. In case multiple entries have the same definition, all who submit the definition will be awarded winners.
4. The winner will have his or her button posted on the sidebars of both Chicken Noodle Gravy and My 3 Little Birds for the following week. And this is big, because we both have, like, tens of followers.
5. The contest is open until 12:00 pm EST next Friday. Entries received after that time will be discarded.

We'll be your best friends if you'll grab a Captchouli button from down below!
So without further ado, your Captchouli Word of the Week is:

By the way, if you haven't already check out this week's Dare to Share link up over at The Lightning and the Lightning Bug. This link up's theme is ANIMALS.

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