Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captchouli Round Six

Happy Saturday, blogland friends! Welcome to Round Six of Captchouli! This week was another tough race to the finish with three competitors bringing their ultimate A-game. You guys are obviously getting more and more competitive as our little game goes along, because it's becoming more and more difficult to choose a winner.

This week we received three entries with definitions of our captcha word : Publicum Ojking.

1) Melody Mae at Melody-Mae

From the Captchouli Dictionary;

Publicum Ojking
a. meaning a public display of affection

b. look at those two, don't you just hate it when young people go at it in public? Pubicum Ojking...come on people get a room!

2) Dwija at House Unseen, Life Unscripted

Publicum Ojking- "PUB-licum O-J-king": proper noun

Publicum OJ-king is the new spokesperson for the Federal Orange Juice
Makers Association of America.  His irreverent antics combined with
his ravishing good looks (daily self-tanner, anyone?) were created to
have mass appeal to the public consumers of the United States.
Ironically, he is allergic to citrus.

"Oh Margie, that Publicum OJ-king is just so dreeeeeeeaaaaaamy.  And
funny to boot!"

3) Mollie at OK in UK

Publicum Ojking

Definition 1:
Etymology: Latin
part of speech: verb
Publicum Ojking (puh-blih-coom /oh-jay-keeng)- an action undertaken by a former pro-athlete-cum-actor while on the run from the public authorities. Best shown off by aerial footage. Ideally committed in an off-white sports utility vehicle.

Usage: Terence decided not to go publicum ojking with the boys and instead stay in with his wife. It turned out to be the best decision of his life.

Definition 2:
Etymology: Latin
part of speech: Proper Noun
Publicum Ojking (pyew-bly-com /ohz-kee-nik)- A jury member who refuses to acquit if the glove didn't fit.

Usage: I couldn't convince that stupid Publicum Ojking that that kitten was the wrong color.

Definition 3:
Etymology: Latin
part of speech: adjective?
Publicum Ojking (puh-blee-ham princess nasty orange juice) - used mainly to describe areas where the public can openly protest or cheer murder trial verdicts. Does not apply to civil cases.

Usage: I'll meet you on the publicum ojking stage after I finish painting my sign. Should I take off the picture of the fetus or does it send the right message?

Now onto the awards portion of our program. You guys seriously cracked us up with this one. But Mollie's cracked us up the most...primarily because of her OJ Simpson reference. I love it when someone finds a reason to make me laugh in a situation that is otherwise totally un-funny. Great job Mollie! And I can promise that you'll get at least two hits from your button displayed on the sidebars of M3LB and CNG! Now that's advertising you can take to the bank! Or whatever.

Congrats, Mollie! And thanks to everyone for their submissions!

And now for ROUND SIX!

Here's how we play:
1. We give you an honest-to-Blog CAPTCHA "word" that we were forced to submit in order to leave a blog comment.
2. You define the word AND use it in a sentence, and EMAIL it, along with the name/link of your blog and HTML code for your button, to Katie at:
* Definitions left in the comments of either blog will be discarded*
3. We'll decide on a winning definition and post the winning response on both blogs next Saturday, along with next week's contest. In case multiple entries have the same definition, all who submit the definition will be awarded winners.
4. The winner will have his or her button posted on the sidebars of both Chicken Noodle Gravy and My 3 Little Birds for the following week. And this is big, because we both have, like, tens of followers.
5. The contest is open until 12:00 pm EST next Friday. Entries received after that time will be discarded.

We'll be your best friends if you'll grab a Captchouli button from down below!
So without further ado, your Captchouli Word of the Week is:


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