Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Me Who's Yet To Be

Dear Me Who's Yet to Be:

I have some simple advice for you that I want you to heed. Some advice that I believe will make your life in the glorious future much more life-full and much more glorious. Get ready. Here it comes:


Get off your lazy butt and get out. Enjoy life. Enjoy human interaction. Enjoy things like movies and shopping and eating lunch with your hubby. Sure, you're a homebody. Sure, you like to cook and spend time with your cats and garden and clean house...okay, not so much on that last one...but come on! You enjoy your home life, yes, but you know what you might enjoy more?! GETTING OUT.

Because here's the deal. In the past, you probably haven't gotten out much. Nope, I know this because I am living in the past, and it's true. You and hubby-man stay in a lot. You read. You write. You do homey things. But you don't get out. And when you do get out, you do crazy things. Like try to get in a car full of strangers that's totally not your car. Or talk gibberish to the Bath and Body Works check-out lady who probably thinks your insane. Or try to drive over a curb in a parking lot because you just wanted to "pull through" instead of taking the time and energy to put the car in reverse and exit the parking lot in any normal sort of human way. Things like that.

Seriously, my friend, this is your past, and it could be your future, too, unless you learn from your past and from me and GET OUT MORE. Among the living. So that when you do get out, you won't make a fool of yourself in front of everyone you encounter. Consider it practice.

Good luck and Godspeed.


This week's Flicker of Inspiration prompt had us writing a letter to a future version of ourselves.

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