Saturday, August 13, 2011

Story Songs

I guess it's the storyteller in me, the constant need to search for the meaning behind, the characters within, but I've always had a love and appreciation of story songs, or ballads as they are more traditionally called. Now I personally believe that all music tells a story one way or another, but story songs are beautiful narratives brought to life by notes and instruments and melodies. Some of my favorite artists are incredibly adept at telling stories through their music and voices, and I'd like to introduce you to some of my favorite "story songs" today.

Most of these songs have been covered time and again; I'm including my favorite covers.

Please note: I'm not a horribly morbid person, but for some reason, I do enjoy "murder ballads," as you'll see...

"The Long Black Veil" by Dave Matthews, lyrics by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin

Story: Told from the point of view of a man falsely executed for murder. He dies for his crime, because his only alibi is his best friend's wife, whom he was sleeping with at the time of the murder. 

"Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" by The Killers, lyrics by Mel Tillis

Story: Told from the point of view of a war veteran who was paralyzed during The Korean War. He pleads with his wife, Ruby, to "leave her love at home" and not "take it to town," as she seems wont to do.

"Cocaine Blues" by Johnny Cash, lyrics by T.J. "Red" Arnall

Story: Told from the point of view of a convict who kills his wife during an enraged high. 

"Delia's Gone" by Johnny Cash, lyrics by Blake Higgs

Story: A song told from the point of view of the murderer of Delia Green. Read about Delia's true story here.

"Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits, lyrics by Mark Knopfler

Story: Pretty obvious here, but one of my favorite story songs ever. :)

What are some of your favorite "story songs"? Share them in the comments section and maybe we'll all discover some new favorites.

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