Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cathedral

                                                                                  Source: None via Bobbie on Pinterest

The smell is what you notice first. It permeates the air, invading every breath you take, sinking into your hair and skin. It’s offensive, not something that you would spritz on as a perfume, and yet, I kind of like it. I relish it and the feeling of the crisp morning air.

This moment of silence at sunrise is the most magical part of my day. It’s filled to the brim with possibility, with just a hint of excitement.

I can feel their own early morning excitement and energy as I make my way down the hallway, hay and cedar shavings crunching under my boots.  Hushed nickers greet me, begging for the apple treats they know are in my pockets.

The barn is massive. It reminds me of a cathedral, with its soaring ceilings and the filtered sunlight streaming in. I worship here daily.

Marveling at His gorgeous creations, as they nudge my back pocket or carry me over fences and fields.

Praying for peace and patience, as I begin a new day.  

There is no finer religion than losing yourself in His work and beauty. I soak it in now, along with that unmistakable smell of manure and sweat.  

Author's Note: This week's Write on Edge assignment was to describe a setting, to take our readers to a certain place. The word limit was 200. 

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