Monday, February 13, 2012

I am Not a Mommy Blog

The time has finally come! After months of talking and planning and talking some more, my friend Bernie of One Mixed Bag and I have created a new blogging community, a community dedicated solely to bloggers without kids.

For a long time, we've felt that there's been a void in the blogosphere, a void that needed filling. See, there are plenty of communities out there dedicated to Mommies Who Blog, where such bloggers can connect and network and get support, and while Bernie and I both love Mommies Who Blog, we couldn't help but feel like the rest of us (those without kids either by choice or circumstance) needed a community, too. And so, We're Not Mommy Blogs was born.

We're Not Mommy Blogs is a blogging community dedicated to filling the non-mommy void in the blog world. We will host discussions, weekly linkups, and feature guest bloggers. We also offer a directory for bloggers to linkup to permanently and share their blogs. We're a community dedicated to support and friendship, and we hope that you will make many new friends through our platform.

We hope you'll check out We're Not Mommy Blogs and find your place among us non-mommies.

Psst! By the way, We're Not Mommy Blogs is being featured today over at Living on Less for the very first Make a Friend Monday blog hop. Hope you'll stop by and hop around with Michele!


Living on Less with the Coupon Queen

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