Friday, August 3, 2012


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And I don't mean music.

I'm in one. Bad.

A writing funk of epic proportions. And a life funk. It's been about two months now. It sucks.

It happens. We all know it. Life throws you a curve ball, and inspiration flies out the window. I'm not going to go on and on about it. It's all been said before. By me. By others. We're human. Life isn't perfect. Writing isn't perfect.

The second anniversary of Chicken Noodle Gravy is fast approaching. A little over a month away. So crazy to think that it's been nearly two years since I started blogging about my love of a strange family dish most people have never even heard of.

Looking back on the last two years, I'm happy. Happy to see the new friends I've made. Happy to see the changes in myself.

I'm more confident. I write more. I'm now being paid to write. My relationship with my husband is stronger and happier than ever. I'm more positive. My outlook is always improving. I still worry, but I don't wallow in my worry quite as bad. I stand up for myself. I don't let everyone walk all over me anymore. Mostly.

Despite some minor irksome details over the last couple of months, things are pretty amazing, and I'm one happy girl.

Take that, Funk.

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