Sunday, October 3, 2010

sunnyside up!

I've come to the conclusion recently that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. This can be the only logical explanation of why every time I am presented with an awesome breakfast: I completely pig out!

My reasoning behind my conclusion is the fact that I so rarely eat a decent breakfast. Remember? I'm the girl who eats popcorn for breakfast, so when I get the chance to eat a warm, hearty, REAL breakfast I throw all my shame out the window.

I had the chance to eat such a breakfast this past Friday morning at the lovely, little Carrollton, Georgia establishment known as Sunnyside Cafe. This wasn't my first time eating at Sunnyside. I've had this pleasure on four separate occasions now, and each time I eat there, I seem to fall in love with it a little bit more.

It's just my kind of restaurant: small and unassuming with both traditional and unique meal options. My favorite option thus far has been the order of sausage gravy and biscuits. This is to die for...probably literally considering how much this clogs my arteries. Two "cathead" biscuits are served cut wide open with sausage and black pepper gravy poured generously over the top. But the euphoria doesn't end there. No, Sunnyside takes this dish to a new level by crumbling larges pieces of their wonderful pork sausage over the top. Gosh, this stuff is good!

One of their less traditional (at least in my neck of the woods) menu options is known as The Scottish Egg, which is essentially a deep-fried hard-boiled egg, but before they deep-fry the egg, they wrap it in pork sausage and cover it in batter. I couldn't try this dish, because I personally hate hard-boiled eggs, but my dad was brave enough to try it and loved it! And there's something to be said for a restaurant that serves dishes that are outside of the box.

Sunnyside has lots of other options for those diners who want to avoid a coronary or a "unique" experience; they also serve a homemade granola (which is locally made and sold by the bag in the restaurant), any and every kind of omelet under the sun, and good ole pancakes.

Aside from the fabulous food, Sunnyside also serves up great atmosphere. Located just off the historic square of Carrollton, this cafe is small (only 5 or so booths and about a dozen tables) but doesn't really seem so with large open windows. The best part of Sunnyside's atmosphere, however, is the corner set aside for live music. The restaurant's website describes its music best: "Enjoy your morning breakfast while listening to acoustic guitar, or, be serenaded over dinner by a lively banjo." What could be better?

In short, Carrollton's Sunnyside Cafe offers great food and great entertainment, and it always seems to satisfy my monumental appetite for a good Southern breakfast.

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