Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lazy Katie and the Nice People She Loves

I make no excuses for the extreme streak of laziness that courses through my blood. I'm sure I could come up with plenty, but frankly, I'm just too lazy to. So, I won't make any excuses for why I am just now getting around to creating this post...other than the fact that I'm lazy. For which I apologize.

Let's move on. Here we go. Some great blogger buddies have taken the time to give my blog some shout-outs, and what have I done in response? Absolutely nothing. I suck. The point of the blog award is to accept it, play the little game, and pass the award along to some more great blogger buddies. Have I done any of that? Absolutely not. I suck. And now things have piled up, and I'm ashamed of myself. But I'm going to rectify my mistake/laziness today in one gigantic THANK YOU/SHARE THE LOVE post, which I present to you now in beautiful, fabulous Technicolor:

Stylish Blogger Award

From Belle of The Desert, fellow Georgia girl who's now soaking up some desert rays, cheering on the 'Yotes, and avoiding cilantro like the freaking plague. She's lovely, she's funny, and she's one of my faves. Check her out! 

Versatile Blogger Award 

From My 3 Little Birds, a talented Mom who writes beautifully and makes me think and laugh. Join her on Mondays for great recipes at the What's For Dinner Linkup and everyday for sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes hilarious posts.

From One Mixed Bag, an absolute riot with beautiful cats and awesome skills for making crafty cards. Blogs about the little things in life and never fails to make me smile (or crack up laughing); her tales featuring Mr. Bernie are my favorite and keep me giggling for days!

From Belle of the Desert (cue laziness on writer's part and see above) ;)

I Love This Blog Award

From The Colie Chronicles, a newly discovered favorite. I swear I can't get enough of these women who make me laugh. Even her freakin' side bars crack me up with her clever humor. Check this chick out for laughs and general lovableness. Her PMS post is my favorite so far; you'll die laughing!

So there you have it. Someone thinks I'm versatile, stylish, and lovable...although I can't imagine why. These honors are SO awesome coming from these fabulous ladies, but the real award is having had the chance to read each of their blogs and being able to call them blogger buddies...I'm a sap, I know. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check them each out. They all rule the school and rock my socks. 

The awards each have their own set of rules, but I'm going to  ignore bend those rules and come up with my own set for all three.  Remember, I'm super-dee-duper-ty lazy.

Here are the real rules:

The Stylish Award (share seven things about yourself that we don't know and pass to 15 bloggers)

The Versatile Award (share seven facts and pass along to 15 bloggers)

The I Love This Blog Award (share ten things you love and pass along to 10 bloggers)

And here are my made up rules. 

Ten Things You May or May Not Already Know About Me:

1) I'm lazy. Duh, y'all. By the way, this is the fact that you may already know ;)

2) I'm thisclose to being a crazy cat lady. We have three cats, but if my husband would let me, we'd probably have more. I don't think I would hoard cats, but I wouldn't put it past me. Keep an eye on me, and if I get another cat, call Animal Planet.

3) I was an English major in college, a fact that haunts me to this day. I'm the go-to gal for help with papers, writing emails, etc. And I love it. What I don't love? When I make a grammatical error, I never live it down. 

4) I adore anything hot and spicy. To the detriment of my digestive system. I'm pretty sure I long ago burned off all of my taste buds.

5) I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp. I've seen MOST (never got to see The Brave) of his movies multiple times. I even helped run a Johnny Depp community online years ago with my buddie Andie. Truth is I miss that site. It was called Modern Day Pirate.

6) As a teenager, I wrote fan fiction. Not just any fan fiction. Fan fiction for Days of Our Lives. There, I've admitted it. I'd rather leave this in the past and move along now. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

7) I'm a total Gleek. Rachel Berry is my (anti-)hero. I want her and Finn to be together so bad it hurts. I have all of the Glee soundtracks. I sing the songs at the top of my lungs in the car.

8) I have an itty bitty owl obsession. I haven't allowed it to take over yet, but if I did, I'd probably buy anything and everything with owls on it in sight. 

9) My favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. Jeez, my friends are right: I'm totally gothic. Our youngest cat is even named Poe. The other two? Kisa Jane and Sushi.

10) I'm a tom boy, incredibly unconcerned with primping and pampering myself. I'd probably die if someone made me go to a spa. I only get my hair cut every 6 months or so. It's bad.

I'm passing along all three of my awards to the same fifteen bloggers, because picking and choosing who gets what would be way too hard. Each and every one of these blogs is wonderfully unique and worth a visit. I highly recommend them all!

By the way, if you've already gotten one of these awards, I apologize. And if you haven't, no worries if you don't pass them along. I've probably really messed up the rules here, and I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to follow in my footsteps :) The point is that I like you and your blog, and I want you to know it. And just so we're clear, I'm awarding you each ALL THREE awards. That's right, you've just been awarded. Feel free to take one or two or all three or none. Feel free to just post it on your blog sidebar and ignore posting about it. Feel free to do whatever you want, because I obviously did. And I feel like I'm breaking some sacred blogging rules here. I may get totally shunned from the blogging community for this...but I hope not. 

15 Blogs That I Think are Versatile, Stylish, and Lovable (in no particular order)

1) Narragansett No. 7
2) The Colie Chronicles 
3) Belle of the Desert
4) McCormick Madness
5) Shrink to Fit
6) Melody-Mae
7) Carrigan's Joy
8) The Fancy Flea
9) Modern Southerner
10) My 3 Little Birds
11) One Mixed Bag
12) Of Woods and Words
13) Another Cookie, Please!
14) Not About Cake
15) TexaGermaNadian



  1. Aww, thanks Katie. And we think you're versatile, stylish and lovable too. Don't be jealous but I'm making my family biscuits for breakfast tomorrow. Out of a bag that's currently in my freezer. I must really love them.

  2. I am SO jealous. Won't you mail me one? I'll totally feature it in the biscuit chronicles.

  3. Thank you my sweet friend! I love it! I am totally honored to receive these from YOU!!! I am so thankful and happy the day we found each others blogs. You always make me smile and leave the sweetest comments.
    Oh and I totally think you are versatile, stylish and loveable too and you sooooo deserved all of those awards!


  4. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Katie! Your blog is pretty darn awesome, too. In fact, I'm going to add it to my "Lovely Links" right now! :)

  5. This doesn't happen often but, I'm just absolutey speechless!

    Okay, it passed, quickly.

    Thank you so very, very much! I sit there on your list, looking around me at all those extraordinary bloggers and count myself as one very fortunate person in receiving this recogniton.

    And to you, Katie...each award suits you perfectly and is very well-deserved.

    Many hugs,

  6. Thank you so much. :)
    I'm glad that you got so many awards, you deserve them. Your blog always makes me laugh or think. I'm not capable of doing both at the same time.
    What is fan fiction for Days of our Lives? I know we were not supposed to see that, but I don't know what it is. Sometimes I think I live in a box.

  7. @Melody-Mae: Aw, you're so sweet! I'm so glad I discovered you and your blog :) Believe me, it's my honor to pass these awards along to such a fabulous lady!

    @Modern Southerner: YAY! I'm going to look! Thank you so much :)

    @Patty: Trust me, you belong on that list! I'm so glad that No. 7 pointed me your way.

    @Bernie: Hehe...you never fail to make me laugh. I'm not capable of laughing and thinking at the same time either. Requires far too much coordination. And fan fiction? Well...it's basically when fans of a certain television show, movie, or song write their own "stories" around the characters the show or movie. My Days of Our Lives fan fiction involved two of my favorite characters in various short stories that were poorly written (which fan fiction usually is VERY poorly written) and overly dramatic. Thankfully, I came to my senses. Now I write badly using my own characters and not someone else's ;)

  8. OMG, first of all....Bernie cracking me up again with "Your blog always makes me laugh or think. I'm not capable of doing both at the same time". Hahaha!

    Katie, I'm so glad I found your blog. You could probably write something about changing your socks and it would be charming and funny. If the blogging community shuns you for your rule bending, then I say we make our OWN community. Of lazy rule-benders!

  9. Aw! Thanks love!! You are too sweet :)
    I am loving your random facts about you. The spicy thing, I have it too. My eyes are watering and my tongue burns, my husband doesn't understand it, but I just keep going back for more. A kind of masochism I guess, lol. And Days of Our Life fan fiction, you are brave to admit that girl, haha. Congrats on all the awards. They are much deserved!

  10. Wow! It's like the Oscars over here. I should have dressed up! Congrats! :D (Oh, and...Johnny Depp!!!!!! Nice.)

  11. I think I shall be lazy and just post them on the side... LOL I'm havin' a day today. UGH!

    I hope you're having a good one! Cat Lady... haha! You're the Cat Lady - I'm the Dog Lady :D

  12. Congrats on your awards and thank you for passing them my way!

    I am a lazy crazy cat lady too...my husband asked me the other night how many cats is too many. I told him 5 is the limit so that leaves me room to get 2 more!

  13. Yay you and thanks for passing back some blog love...all three awards! Are you trying to make me pee myself!!?? I seriously need it this week so thank you...sincerely. Also, I completely love how you made up your own rules and told the interweb to Eff itself. You're awesome.

    PS: I secretly love sick days so I can watch Days of our Lives and FYI Sammy still can't find herself a man who isn't plotting to kill her or a member of her family!!!

  14. I think I beat you in the lazy department since I am just now moseying around to read your latest post and WHAMO! What a nice post, indeed! It really is lovely to be called stylish as I sit here with peanut butter smears on my jeans and a dollop of sticky syrup on the bottom of one sock. Yay, me!

    I double-dog dare you to eat a ghost pepper. No, not really... my new obsession is called Wickles. A jar full of pepper relish that I put on every sandwich I eat...and eggs...and toast. LOVE my food spicy. You should try out my recipe for meatballs in chipotle sauce. My mouth just watered at the thought.

    Thank you so much, Katie. Seriously. I need to get on the ball and respond to my award. Can we just keep passing them back and forth?

  15. @dweej: You're on! Lazy rule-benders RULE! :)

    @Tex: Spicy food is just one of my many weaknesses...thank you!!

    @Sam: Thank you so much! I know, Johnny Depp is amazing.

    @cakeologist: Ah, a woman after my own heart. Five cats would be my limit, too.

    @Colie: You're awesome, too, my friend! Poor Sammy...she'll never find her one true love.

    @No. 7: You're the most stylish of all because you can pull that look off! I'll eat that ghost chili. I'll do it! I've heard of Wickles...I'm going to have to try that. And those meatballs sound divine!

  16. Congratulations on your awards!

    I am a new follower from the weekend hop! I hope you can stop by www.mooseandtater.com


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