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The Dish Featuring TexaGermaNadian

Good morning, my peeps! Guess what day it is? That's right. It's Day of The Dish at Chicken Noodle Gravy, but more importantly, it's also Frackin' Friday! Now, if you're familiar with Frackin' Friday, then consider yourself lucky already, and if you're not, then consider yourself about to become very lucky indeed, because today we're celebrating Frackin' Friday by celebrating the blog behind it, one of the funniest and most entertaining blogs I've had the pleasure of following. A worldly blog that manages to be many things all at once, as reflected in its worldly, multicultural title: TexaGermaNadian. I know, it's pretty much the coolest blog title ever. Almost as cool as the blogger behind it. Almost.
How can you resist clicking on that adorable button? And guess what? The blogger herself designed that cute-as-a-button button and will use her talents to design one (or a blog header) for you, too. For details, click here

A Storyteller

Lindsey, aka Texa (cute nickname, huh?), the creative and not-at-all sarcastic genius behind TexaGermaNadian, is one of the those people who is effortlessly funny. She can make you laugh about something as simple as a pair of truck testicles (be sure to stay updated on Nad Watch 2011...there are late and great developments) and just wait till you read about this... Point is, Texa is funny and manages to tell the stories of her daily life in a hilarious and fun way. Of course, her daily life is pretty darn interesting in its own right. The blog title TexaGermaNadian is actually derived from Texa's globe-trotting life with her hockey-playing husband. She recently returned to Texas after living in Germany for the last year or so (welcome home!). And the best thing about her living in Germany? The fact that she shares her awesome and unique experiences there with her readers. Just from reading her blog, I feel like I've visited Germany myself, and I love it there!

Simply put, Texa's a natural-born storyteller, which brings me to the next rockin' thing about TexaGermaNadian: The Storytellers Blog Hop. At the end of every month, Texa hosts this hop, which has quickly become one of my favorite blog hops. The only real rule of the hop? No blogs that specialize in ads, coupons, and giveaways. Those blogs get the spotlight enough; this is for the little blogs, the blogs with stories to tell. There are no follow rules or anything, just an opportunity to meet other bloggers and also to link up your own blog and "let it shine."

Frackin' Friday, Zombie Sunday, and Other Interesting Days of the Week

I love blogs that run weekly features and events. There's just something organized and cool about knowing you can return to a blog week after week for an awesome feature. Frackin' Friday at TexaGermaNadian is one of those awesome features. Every Friday, Texa or one of her guest bloggers, shares culturally significant and educational bits of wisdom, bits of wisdom that help readers expand their horizons and flirt with learning a new language. Specifically, Frackin' Friday teaches us all to cuss in a foreign language, which really can only help to make the world a better place. TexaGermaNadian, I salute you. :)

Oh, and lazy Sundays over at TGN are taken to a whole new level with Zombie Sundays. But Texa's "boring German Sundays" are usually anything but when she tells her tales. I'm telling you this girl could probably make paint drying sound funny and interesting. She rocks THAT much. 

Scrumptious Survey: Survey questions answered by blogger. 

What’s your favorite dish/food? 

Really, I would love to say cereal. I eat it out of the box everyday. There is something about the crunchiness, and the way it annoys the hubs as I crunch. 

But seeing that I actually want people to take me more seriously than a 10 year old, I'll say a good shrimp boil. Fresh jumbo gulf shrimp, corn on the cob, red potatoes and sometimes sausage boiled in a spicy cajun seasoning. Mmmm, mmm. Always makes me think of home!

What’s your favorite type of cuisine (Italian, French, etc.)?

Hmmm, I think it might be a tie between Mexican food (uh, hello, we think it is 'our' national food down here in Texas) and Greek food. The time I spent working in Greece made me fall in love with all the savory flavors of the Aegean islands.

What is unique about the cuisine in your part of the world? 
Well, in Texas I would have to say TexMex or BBQ. Both are great down here! In Canada, they take pride in their Alberta beef, so I would say steak. And in Germany, everything seems to be 'unique' to us. But our favorites are the schnitzel and sauerkraut! So good!

Sweet or salty?

Salty, for sure. Sea salt, at least stay a little healthy with that one.

What food are you craving right now? 

Popcorn. I am a big popcorn fan. And none of that microwaveable bag crud. Air popped popcorn, tossed in olive oil, cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese. Oh, so good and mouthwatering!

Do you like to cook? If so, do you ever share recipes on your blog?

I LOVE to cook. I actually look forward to making dinner every night. Weird, I know. I don't often share recipes on my blog, but only because I have a bad habit of not following recipes and/or making them up as I go. And then of course I tend to not remember what all I put into the dish, so therefore they are unable to recreate. Should really write those details down more often! Lol

Where do you get the recipes you use? From cookbooks, blogs, online directories, etc? 

Does google search count?? I usually look up a few different recipes and then mix and match to my taste (and to what I have in the pantry at that time). But there are some good go-to's from my grandmother's and mom's cookbooks. You just can't find anything like those old reliable recipes online.

What food-related word would you use to describe your blog? (i.e. salty, sweet, savory, delicious, yummy…) Get creative!

Ambrosial - fit for the gods :) 

Or maybe Piquant - agreeably biting and sharp.
(thanks 'words describing foods' google search! haha) 

So if you haven't already clicked all the links above, I suggest you do so now. Seriously, like right now. What are you waiting for? Spend the day getting to know Lindsey and TexaGermaNadian. You'll probably pick up some new German words, share in some Texas-sized fun, and who knows? You may even learn some Canadian trivia along the way. And just remember, Texa is anything but L├Ącherlich. In fast, she's just the opposite of L├Ącherlich...she's the German word for awesome, which I don't know because it's not a cuss word, and I only bother learning cuss words in foreign languages. But you get my point. Show Lindsey some love and enjoy her awesomeness.


  1. What!! A swear word day!? I had no idea what I was missing out on. Great Dish Katie!

  2. Texa! She is so fun. And super nice. With all those followers, how does she have time to respond to every single thing? Well, she does. Incredible :)

  3. Oh my gosh, Katie. I am literally astounded over here! What a beautiful write up. I cannot believe someone could really think all those wonderful things about me :) Seriously, about to tear up. Thank you so much for having me. I am really honored.
    And of course the one Friday I don't do Frackin' Friday! hahaha, now THAT, that is funny.
    Have a great one girl!!!

  4. Great feature on TGN! You captured her completely!

  5. Love this post, great sum up of her awesome blog. Y'all both inspire me to keep at it everyday!

  6. Great dish! One of my favourite blogs too.

  7. Hi, I'm blog hopping today and I'm a new follower from, a blog geared towards making healthy and cool bento lunches for kids, and other delicious recipes. I'm also a 'Blog of Note' and a finalist for "Best Blog on Google Blogger" - I hope you'll visit and follow me back! Thanks!


  8. I love Lindsey. I'm learning so many new words!!
    Katie, I tell you, PR is your calling woman!


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