Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Owl Tell You What

I completely forgot about Owl Be Watching Wednesday until late last night (thanks for the reminder, Dweej!). I know, the horror, right? It's been one of those kind of weeks where I forget my own name. I blame it on the full moon. Or our cat Sushi, she's pretty evil that way. Speaking of Sushi, all three cats fought over who would get to model this week's owls, which happen to be gracing my favorite pair of PJs. Jeremy gave these to me for Christmas this year, and thanks to Blackberry Winter in the South, I had the chance to pull them back out and enjoy them again.

Here Poe stalks one of the owls. Notice her form. Natural predator in action. 

Kisa, our most model-like cat, sat still for the entire "photo shoot," while the others came and went. Note: unmade bed at 9:00 pm. At that point, why even bother making it up?

Sushi insisted on taking the spotlight. 

Just look at those cute little owls!


  1. Those are cute jammies! Man, it is cold down here!

  2. Cute jammies. The kitties are adroable. Nothing worse than trying to do a photo shoot with cats. They are back and forth and up and down.

    You make your bed? Really? People do that still?

  3. Super super cute. And Katie, I took an owl picture for you at my church rummage sale. I will put it on FB : )

  4. Love it! You do have quite the collection of owl paraphernalia, don't you? You should totally get that decal from yesterday's link. The promo code is up (hint, hint!). :)

  5. Cats are such funny creatures! The calico (Poe?) reminds me of Cali, the cat I had years ago. Have you ever tried shining a flashlight on the wall or moving it all over the floor? That gave me so much entertainment and Cali so much exercise. lol

  6. I have a secret owl obsession :) Oh yes I do. ANd there are so many cute owl things on etsy lately. It's a good thing I'm penniless or else my house would look like a bird sanctuary. LOL

  7. MEOWL!!! Too darn cute! Love your Kitties!!

  8. What perfect models you have!!

  9. Those are so cute!

    We've been having cool weather here too... rainy and dreary. It's been kind of fun to get to be cozy in the evening.

    Also love your new look!

  10. Love the pjs! The owls are adorable.

    Um, isn't "making the bed" the thing you do once a year when you have to wash the sheets?


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