Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Camp Honeybelle

Lately I've discovered something I didn't really know about myself. I like to shop. Now, this will come as a shocking revelation to anyone who knows me, because in the past I've avoided shopping like the plague. I hardly ever buy anything, and when I do, it's usually off the clearance rack of some store, and it's usually because I really need it.

I don't even like the process of shopping. Elbowing through people and feeling like I'm in everybody's way isn't my idea of a good time. Which is why I have kind of started getting into online shopping. Same stuff without the people there to get on my nerves. A win-win. The problem with online shopping? I like to go thrifting and antiquing and flea-marketing...and online shopping doesn't really lend itself to that. Or so I thought.

Etsy is the answer to all my troubles. The wide variety of shops and products on Etsy provides me with my thrifting and antiquing fix and then some. I had previously thought Etsy only offered handmade products, but when my friend Nina of The Adventures of ArtsyNina started her own Etsy shop called Camp Honeybelle, I realized I was mistaken.

Psst! You may remember Nina from before, when I featured her on The Dish.

Camp Honeybelle sells both vintage and handmade items, and for me, it's like a dream come true. Nina has an eye for the stylish and retro. The items she sells in her shop are always quality products, but more than that, they're unique and cute. I've purchased both handmade and vintage items from Camp Honeybelle, and I've been thrilled with my purchases.

I bought the sheet music below to frame and hang in my living room. As you can see, I haven't done that yet (because I'm lazy), but I still love the style and uniqueness of the piece.

I also purchased this adorable mixed media Argyle kitty cat that Nina hand-crafted. She had previously made me a mixed media owl to hang on my wall, which I adored, so the kitty was a natural choice for me.

Each item is lovingly packaged and has this adorable shop card with it!
But don't let my poor photography sell this shop, hop on over yourself to see everything that Camp Honeybelle has to offer, including: vintage dishes, books, clothing, plus handmade cards, owls, pottery, etc. Seriously, y'all, Nina has an artistic and creative eye, and she knows her stuff. She's constantly adding new items to her shop, which makes a daily visit imperative. Let her dress up your house with her retro flair...in fact, let her dress YOU up as well with some of the cutest vintage dresses ever. Can you say Jackie O?

Don't take my word for it. Just look!

For all you Etsy lovers and shop-owners, be sure to stop by The Adventures of ArtsyNina on Fridays for her Friday Shop Hop, where you can link up your Etsy shop and discover some truly excellent shopping. The Hop is growing fast, and each week more and more shops are linking up, so take advantage of this great promotional opportunity!

And guess what? Camp Honeybelle and House Unseen, Life Unscripted (another of my favorite people and blogs) is hosting a giveaway that ends today. So hop over HERE to check it out ASAP!

PS! I suck a promotion. Otherwise, I would have told you yesterday that Bernie over at Budugalee is offering a sale on her awesome cards. Pick any three cards for $7.00! So there's no better time to purchase your Halloween cards than RIGHT NOW!

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