Saturday, May 14, 2011

Captchouli Winner PLUS Round Two

The momentous occasion is finally upon us. Hold your breath in anticipation*, because if you entered our first  ever Captchouli contest last week, you could be the big winner! Before Mary Lauren over at My 3 Little Birds and I announce the winner, we'd like to review the awesomely amazing entries we received, and of course, we thank you all for your participation. For the first round of Captchouli, we received an amazing response, and you guys made choosing a winner really hard! I encourage you to visit the blogs of each of our participants; they're all fabulous!

Remember, our word for this week was "etailer," and the object was to create a definition for this Captcha word, then to use the defined word in a sentence.

We present to you the entries:

1. Rachael of Non-Domestic Mama:

Definition: A person who consistently arrives earlier than their original estimated time of arrival (ETA).
Sentence: She claims her ETA is 7 but we all know she will get here at 6.  She is such an etalier!

Definition: The satisfied roar of any large and honest mammel that has managed to stiffle an untruth.
Sentence: The lioness broke the evening silence with a long etalier, happy she had told her cubs that 3 hours was enough rough play for one day.

Definition: [uh-TEL-ier] contraction of "I tell you"
Sentence(s): "Etalier what, that Sandra Bullock sure is nice to look at"

"Didn't etalier to lock up them dogs?  Now what're we gonna have for dinner, Bobbi Sue?"

4. Melody-Mae of Melody-Mae

Definition/Sentence: it is a truth telling device. A lie detector. An etalier is a machine used to to check and see if you are a 'lier/ liar' :)

5. Jenny of Jenny's Blessed Nest 

Definition: (e-tal-ier) pn.  1.) A person who creates, sells, or tells e-tales (online stories/storybooks).  2.) A blogger. 
Sentence:  Jennifer's love of creative writing and the internet has inspired her to become an Etalier.

6. Bernie at One Mixed Bag

Definition/Sentence: I wanted to look more like a hooker in the game Second Life. So I went to the Etailor to have them shorten my dress to make me look more like a hooker.

And the winning entry from this first round of Captchouli is:

7. Shannon at Milk and Cuddles

Definition: æt.elˈi.eɪr/ [C] literaryProunounced- A-tale-liaar - A tale told by a liar. Bound to be a lie. Even if it's about something that doesn't matter. It will be a complete falshood. Inexplicable - because who cares? But still a total lie. Deception for no reason. At all.
(Definition of etalier noun from the Cambridge Captcha Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Sentence: I was at the grocery store and that "etalier" neighbor of mine told me the Dreft was on sale. Of course. It wasn't. Weirdo.

We loved how Shannon formatted her definition as if it was a real word from a real dictionary, the Cambridge Captcha Advanced Learner's Dictionary to be exact. Shannon, you did an awesome job, and as promised, your button will be featured on My 3 Little Birds and Chicken Noodle Gravy for a full week!

Congratulations, Shannon!

And now for ROUND TWO!

This is how we do it (it's Friday night and I feel alright, the party's here on the West Side, so I reach for my 40 and I turn it up, designated driver takes the keys to my...uh, sorry):

1. We give you an honest-to-Blog CAPTCHA "word" that we were forced to submit in order to leave a blog comment.
2. You define the word AND use it in a sentence, and EMAIL it, along with the name/link of your blog and HTML code for your button, to Katie at:
* Definitions left in the comments of either blog will be discarded*
3. We'll decide on a winning definition and post the winning response on both blogs next Saturday, along with next week's contest. In case multiple entries have the same definition, all who submit the definition will be awarded winners.
4. The winner will have his or her button posted on the sidebars of both Chicken Noodle Gravy and My 3 Little Birds for the following week. And this is big, because we both have, like, tens of followers.
5. The contest is open until 12:00 pm EST next Friday. Entries received after that time will be discarded.

We'll love you even more than we love bad songs from the 90s that remind one of us of fraternity parties if you'll grab a Captchouli button from down below!

So without further ado, your Captchouli Word of the Week is:


Better holla!

*Blogger(s) are not liable for any fainting as a result of breath-holding.


  1. This is too funny! What an original idea! I will definitely be participating!

  2. Hilarious! We are the funniest people on earth! :D

  3. Congratulations, Shannon!!
    I'm so glad that you shared the other answers as well. Its always fun to see what the other kids come up with.

  4. YAY!!!! How fun is THAT?!?!

    Thank you! You made my week!!


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